Manoj Bajpayee On His Bollywood Journey: “I Survived All The Politics & Powerful Opposition”

National Award-winning actor Manoj Bajpayee can boast of some stellar performances in his career spanning over two-and-a-half decades. He now reflects on his Bollywood journey in an interview and admits that it has not been a bed of roses.

“I had quite a lot of ups and downs, it was a roller-coaster ride. I would never wish that anybody else gets into my shoes because the 25 years have only been a struggle to get films and good roles,” he said.

Speaking of the value of self-respect in the industry, he says, “The industry has been a very competitive and cutthroat one. Anybody who is trying to come up with loads of self-respect and belief in his dreams, there will be people who will turn into enemies.

“They will expect you to work according to their dreams but in the manner I have been brought up, I was not ready to live their dreams, I was only here to live my own. It all clashed. Finally, I survived for 25 years in this industry,” he said.

HT reports that he opened up about threats that were made, in his earlier days. “Earlier, I used to pick up every call and they used to call at odd hours like 12.30-1.30 am. Sometimes people used to bully me, sometimes they would have fun at my cost, sometimes they used to threaten me because they were drunk and were just having fun. Those were the early days.”

“But after that, now I do not pick up any call after 7:30 pm. I am talking to you this late evening because this is the job that I have to do. Otherwise, after 7-7.30pm, I put my phone on silent and put it away,” he added.

Manoj explains that he’s trying to evolve as an actor and person all the time. “I’m learning new tricks of the craft, honing my skills and trying to be a part of new storytelling. I am quite happy that by the grace of God, my journey has been miraculous. I survived all the politics, the blind items, all kinds of powerful opposition, and I am here. And I will be here till I would like to be. I am a tough nut to crack,” he smiles.

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