Goa CM Manohar Parrikar Says He Is Worried That ‘Girls’ Have Started Drinking Beer

The world is changing every day and making progress. Humans have literally ventured into space missions and the promised flying cars have finally become a reality with Elon Musk’s Red Tesla orbiting space right now. Looking at that, you’d think we would have better things and problems to solve. But clearly not.

Women drinking beer seems to be a cause of worry, according to Goa Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar. According to The Indian Express, he said this at the State Youth Parliament held by the Legislature Secretariat in Panaji.

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As per a report by TOI, while addressing the audience about the drug problem in the state, he said,

“It’s not today’s phenomenon. It is (drug abuse) not to that extent, but we are definitely worried because of the drugs syndicate.”

He even recalled an anecdote from his college days at IIT-Mumbai. He explained how the drug racket starts spreading from a small group introduced to it. Parrikar told his audience about the time in August 2017 when 170 people were arrested for peddling drugs. He said,

“I gave directions on August 13, 2017, and since then more than 170 people have been arrested for drug peddling.”

Furthermore, people found with small quantities of drugs are released after 8 to 15 days. Although the court is lenient, he is glad at least some action is being taken.

While everything else of what he said is understandable and agreeable, what surprises me is the fact that he is worried about girls drinking beer, specifically. Alcohol and drugs are bad for health for both, men and women.

Twitterati seems to agree with what I’m saying too. Take a look.

1. Do tell, what exactly is wrong with women drinking.

2. Someone is asking the right questions.

3. We’re in the 21st century, for god’s sake.

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4. Exactly my thought.

5. The correct choice of words.

Women are not necessarily trying to prove any point by consuming alcohol. They can do so out of their own free will and for their own pleasure. Just like men can. It’s high time the society and our politicians consider both men and women at par. This would go a long way towards eliminating gender discrimination.

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