Bengaluru Traffic Police Deploy Mannequins To Keep Traffic In Check, Twitter Reacts

Traffic police in India have been trying to come up with innovative ideas to get people to follow traffic rules and raise awareness about road safety. Some time ago, Lucknow traffic police distributed roses to people wearing helmets to appreciate them for following rules.

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Now, in an attempt to curb traffic violations on the roads, Bengaluru Traffic Police has installed mannequins dressed as traffic cops around the city. The cops have deployed 30 life-size mannequins, dressed in complete uniforms on trial basis, assuming that drivers will behave better with some authority watching over them, reports India Today.

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Dressed in reflector jackets, white shirts, khaki pants, hats, and black shoes, the location of the mannequins will be regularly changed so that people don’t get used to them. According to Bangalore Mirror, the mannequins will be used only during day time and will be removed from the spots in the night.

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While some people have appreciated the innovative idea, others have some hilarious reactions to the new concept, have a look:

However, this is not the first time Bengaluru police have come up with a unique solution, earlier they brought Lord Yamraj onto the roads to educate bikers on the importance of wearing helmets. They have also gone as far as filling potholes in the city to ensure road safety for citizens.

Kudos to Bengaluru traffic cops for devising creative ways to double their efforts in regulating city traffic.

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