Manipur Students Were Denied Entry To The Taj Mahal For ‘Not Looking Like Indians’. WTF!

India is a land of diversity. We have different cultures, cuisines, and communities living in different parts of our nation. This diversity is what makes India beautiful in its own way. However, people from the north-eastern part of our country usually feel alienated when they visit the other regions. They are racially discriminated, abused and mistreated by a large number of people.

A group of students from the Central Agricultural University, Imphal were denied entry inside the Taj Mahal premises on Sunday. The reason, CISF personnel believed that they ‘resembled foreigners’ and were trying to pass as Indians for cheaper tickets.

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The entry ticket for Indians at the world heritage site is ₹40 while for foreigners (other than nationals of SAARC and BIMSTEC countries) is ₹1000.


Even when the students showed their ID cards and a letter stating that they were on an all-India educational tour, the security personnel didn’t budge. The students could only get in when the tourism police intervened. R.P Pandey, SHO of the tourism police station said,

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“The students alleged that CISF personnel misbehaved with them and that they were asked to show their nationality proof. They then called the tourism police, who reached the spot and intervened to allow the students to enter.”


After receiving an official complaint of discrimination from the students, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has ordered an enquiry into the incident.

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According to an ASI official, the security staff has been asked to provide the CCTV footage from the main gates to confirm the accusations by the students.

While we may label ourselves as a progressive and developing society, the reality is absolutely conflicting. We will cry victims when we get stereotyped from citizens of other nations but will do the same to our fellow countrymen. This foul mentality needs to change if we really need to establish ourselves as a forward-thinking society.

News Source: The Indian Express

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