Alphonso Or Kesar? Foodies Are Arguing Over Which Mango Variety Is Best In #MangoWars

When we were younger, the start of the summer as well as the melodious voice of the koel signalled the onset of mango season. Now, with the hustle and bustle of city life with just sounds of traffic and construction, hearing the koel isn’t that common but our love for the ‘king of fruits’ remains as strong as ever. Having said that, the mango is one delicacy that is as polarizing as biryani.

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Which is why right now foodies are engaged in heated #MangoWars on Twitter. The first shot fired was the opinion among many that Alphonso is overrated. People tried delving deeper into why that was the case and remarking that it may be due to its high price or extensive marketing.

A lot of ‘better’ varieties were suggested like Kesar, Langda and Dashehri.

However, supporters of Alphonso revealed the experience changes with variables like the time of eating which should ideally be after April and the unique flavour of a particular region i.e. Ratnagiri.

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Of course, people suggested regional varieties from their hometowns because we should savour all that our country has to offer.

No matter what your favourites are, one thing is certain – summer can’t be enjoyed to its fullest potential without trying at least a couple of different varieties of mangoes.

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