10 Things That Prove Indians Are Totally Crazy For Mangoes

Mango is known as the king of fruits and no one can not see the reason why? This fruit makes people wait for an entire year, it is expensive, and exclusive. When it rains during summers people are more worried about the mangoes they might lose out on. India is the largest producer of mangoes and Indians truly love this fruit.

People in India can go to any lengths to get the taste of this fruit.

1. They won’t mind dressing up even in summers to attend weddings only so that they can enjoy aamras puri

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Annoying aunties? Doesn’t matter. Heavy jewellery that makes you sweat? Bring it on.


2. People will fight with their siblings and best friends just to have the last slice of mango

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Mangoes before anyone.


3. Be okay with the mango bribing. People will do all the work quickly just to get 2 petis of mangoes in return

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They are so expensive, that they taste best when someone gifts it to you.


4. People actually carry boxes of Alphonsoes from one state to another just to gift it to their relatives and friends

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Because Alphonsoes are not available everywhere and they are the best.


5. No matter how small or big the house is, in mango season, people will make extra room for mangoes

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Mangoes literally reside like guests in their house.


6. People suddenly get all creative in the kitchen and make everything that they can with mangoes, only to have some more of them

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Mango cheesecakes, mango ice cream, mango shrikhand, mango halwa etc..


7. They will work out extra hard to burn all those mango calories so they don’t feel guilty while relishing all those delicious mangoes

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Now that’s some real commitment. 😀


8. They will happily visit their relatives, friends, neighbours only because people usually offer mango in this season

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Rest of the year: Who are you? Mango season: Hi best friend. 🙂


9. Buy dozens of mangoes just before the season comes to an end and preserve the pulp so they can enjoy mangoes for a little longer

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That is how much they absolutely love mangoes.


10. It is not just the ‘aam’ aadmi of India that is crazy in love with mangoes, but also Katrina Kaif


One has to be crazy to not like mangoes!

When life gives lemons, throw it back & say, “Hey, I said I wanted mangoes.”

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