Quiz: Can You Identify These Mango Desserts By Looking At Their Yummy Pics?

Mango season is officially here!

And I’m sure desi peeps would have started preparing to make the khatta-meetha achaar, murabba, and other lip-smacking raw mango delicacies. But apart from them, I often look forward to relishing desserts made of sweet, ripe mangoes. Just the thought of gorging on juicy yellow mangoes got me salivating.

Well, if you’re also a mango lover like me then try guessing the names of these mango desserts by their pictures.

1. A popular Gujarati sweet dish.

2. A staple summer drink.

3. An easy to make and healthy dessert that can be eaten for breakfast too.

4. Mangoes taking over the baking world and how!

5. Thai dessert made with rice, fresh mango and coconut milk.

6. A childhood delight for all desis.

7. Creamy mango filling in a crunchy crust.

8. This sweet & cool dessert traditionally has milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla as its ingredients.

9. A starchy and cooling dessert best for summers.

10. A mango-ey twist to the gelatinous Italian dessert.

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