Mandira Bedi Flaunts Biceps In Stunning Pic, Inspires Some While Others Body-Shame Her!

Plenty of people stepped into 2019 with the resolution that this was the year to be fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle. While most of you are probably slouching on your couch reading this, it is no news that this particular resolution turned into a complete fail!

And to those who truly stuck on to their fitness goals, we really want to know how you do it!

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Mandira Bedi recently posted a picture on Twitter showing off her hot biceps, giving us all the fit-spiration we need.

The 46-year-old actress has dedicated a lot of time and attention into her body and health for quite some time now. But this seems to be the best shape she has been in!

I’m seriously drooling over those biceps!

However, people of the internet were divided over her muscular avatar. Of course, there were some who weren’t pleased by her appearance because it didn’t resemble their idea of female beauty, because apparently muscular women don’t look attractive.

And soon WWE jokes began to flow.

But there were many who saw her as an inspiration and are willing to hit the gym!

Many female celebrities are breaking stereotypes regarding beauty by carving their own fitness paths. They are running the extra mile and redefining fitness for women. Kudos to Mandira for doing the same!

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