Mandana Karimi Talks About Secret Affair With B-Town Director Who Got Her Pregnant & Backed Out

Kangana Ranaut‘s recent OTT debut with Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Lock Upp’ has been making a lot of buzz with the contestants revealing their deepest, darkest secrets to stay in the game.

Recently, Mandana Karimi, an Iranian actress, and model based in India hit headlines with her jaw-dropping secret.


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To safeguard herself from the eviction this week, the ‘Roy’ actor spilled the beans about her affair with a well-known director with whom she also planned pregnancy but he backed out later.

Without revealing his identity, Karimi reportedly said that she got into a secret relationship after her separation from her ex-husband Gaurav Gupta that went for about a year and a half.

“The time that I was struggling with my whole situation, my separation, I did have a secret relationship. My relationship was with a very well-known director who talks about women’s rights.”

“He is an idol to many people from the young generation, aspiring filmmakers, and even teenagers because he has a strong image of coming from zero and becoming someone, having no parents, and becoming someone. My relationship with him was very secretive because I was not yet divorced and after all that I went through, he made me feel he could be that friend,” she broke down in tears while sharing this.


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She continued, “During the lockdown, we even started living together and he’d tell me he loved me. I started calling him my partner and he started saying he loved me. He said that I want to move with you out of India and let’s plan a family too.”

Controlling her emotions, she revealed:

“We planned pregnancy but when it happened, he completely backed off and his reason was that he did not think he was emotionally ready to become a father again because he was going through a public case. He already has a child. The next thing I know is that I am sitting there pregnant. Suddenly he was like ‘I did not believe you could get pregnant so easily at the age of 33.”

“We then went to my best friend’s house because he said we should discuss with them as they are like my parents. It just destroyed so much for me,” she concluded. Mandana said that he even tried to get her friends to convince her to have an abortion.

Karimi has also earlier called out producer Mahendra Dhariwal for mentally harassing her on the sets and calling her names.

We hope she recovers from the trauma and pain.

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