Guy Pens A ‘Letter Of Closure’ Addressed To Him On Behalf Of Girl Who Wanted To Break Up

Back when a man used a huge billboard to break up with a cheating girlfriend we thought he was insane. He actually spent a lot of time thinking of how to part ways with someone.

But, looks like he’s not alone in coming up with bizarre yet creative ways to say to their partner ‘Ok, tata, bye-bye’!

Recently, a boy set up new standards for breaking up with someone by writing a ‘letter of closure’ addressed to him on behalf of a girl.

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Taking to Twitter, a user named Velin shared how he penned a letter on behalf of the girl who wanted to break up with him. Apparently, he had written her a letter by himself to himself about the ‘issue’ that has been bothering the girl.

For context, he wrote the letter on behalf of the girl who wanted to end things with him.

Velin shared the letter and the screengrab of the conversation he had after sharing the letter with the girl.

He told the girl to open the ‘letter of closure’ and resend it to him by signing it.

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In the letter he addressed to himself, Velin expressed on the behalf of the girl that there are some reasons that have prompted her to reconsider their relationship. “I regret to inform you that I will be unable to continue our relationship,” he wrote in the letter. He continued writing:

“Please understand that my decision does not reflect on you as a person. You are a beautiful person but that information I got made me uncomfortable and made me question the foundation of our relationship. I cannot ignore this feeling as someone who values honesty and integrity.”

Concluding the letter, Velin wrote:

“I hope you appreciate that this was not an easy decision for me to make. Yet, I believe it is critical for me to be true to myself and my ideals. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will respect my decision.”

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Velin had also signed the letter as the receiver while he asked the girl to sign it as the sender. The woman finally sent back the letter by signing it. Velin was pretty happy about it.

The fun part is they weren’t even dating and the girl wanted to break up with him.

People online seemed very interested in the letter he penned and asked him for a PDF of it. However, there were also others who lauded the creative keeda in him for coming up with this.

For anyone who wishes to send the same letter to their partners, here’s the document:

At least he got closure! *burn*

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