Forget Mask, Man Wraps Snake Around His Neck To Keep People & COVID-19 Away


Numerous safety measures are being kept in mind by people who are stepping outdoors during the pandemic. With public places and transport opening for the public, people have been asked to always wear a face-mask, gloves, and sanitize their hands at regular intervals.

However, one man in Manchester took things up a notch. According to Metro UK, a man in Manchester recently boarded a bus and instead of wearing a mask, he had a snake wrapped around his neck to keep people, and therefore COVID-19, away.

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Speaking to Manchester Evening News, the man said that he used the snake as a “face covering” instead of a mask. The incident happened on September 14.

At first, a few fellow-passengers thought that the man was wearing a “funky” mask. However, later, they saw the reptile crawling around the handrails.

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A 46-year-old passenger said, “No one was really bothered on the bus but a man behind took a video. It was definitely entertaining.”

Have a look at the video here:

“There is no evidence to say a snake will do this effectively, nor is it safe to wrap snakes around the face and nose. When using public transport, it is always best to use a face mask; animals are not an appropriate substitute for PPE,” said Dr Jessica May, a vet by profession.

“COVID is spread via droplets in the air, and a snake will not provide a seal of protection around the mouth or nose. This will not reduce the risk of spreading COVID. Snakes are meant to be kept in the wild and are not really meant to be kept as pets. Should it (the snake) be startled…the animal could attack or bite its owner or someone within close proximity to it,” she added.

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Why does one need to wear a reptile around their neck when you have cheaper and much safer face-masks available? Mankind keeps surprising us in bizarre ways!

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