Drunk Man Violently Vomits & Out Pops An Undiagnosed Tumor! Shocked, He Quickly Swallows It Again

All of us are familiar with advertisements asking us not to consume alcohol in order to stay away from severe health issues. However, in the case of a 63-year-old man from Hubei, China, a binge-drinking session literally saved his life from a dangerous tumor growing inside his body.

According to News18, the man was experiencing discomfort in his throat for quite some time but chose not to take medical help. The pain was more when he used to have solid food.

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However, after a heavy drinking session recently, he started vomiting like crazy. While throwing up, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his throat and guess what? The very next moment, he felt the presence of a meatball-like mass in his mouth.

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After throwing it out, the highly drunk man thought that he had vomited a part of his body out, and instantly swallowed the ‘meatball’ back with a glass of water.

He decided to consult a doctor this time and went to a hospital in Wuhan for a checkup. The doctors heard his story and conducted an endoscopic exam to conclude that it was actually a 15cm-long and 4 cm- thick tumor, growing at the top of the man’s oesophagus.

The tumor had grown and reached the man’s throat and was blocking the airway. He had to go through a surgery to remove the tumor which was identified as a fibroma.

Wow. I bet he just found another reason to continue drinking!

(Disclaimer- We don’t encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages)