Man Tricks Woman Into Having Sex With Him By Saying He’s Been Poisoned

Do you remember how Barney from ‘HIMYM’ dressed up as a different character and even told atrocious lies to women in bars to get them to sleep with him? Yeah, looking at that character, you would think that such things happened only in shows where the truth is exaggerated to make the story interesting. But, turns out people actually use such a lie to get innocent women to sleep with them. Don’t believe me? Unfortunately, this actually happened.

A 24-year-old man from New Zealand showed up at a woman’s door “red-faced, bent over and holding his ribs” and told her that he had been beaten up and forced to drink poison. The antidote? He had to sweat it out a certain way and would die unless she had sex with him within 48 hours.

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As reported by New Zealand Herald, the woman suggested that he go for a run but he convinced her by telling it wouldn’t work as he had to sweat it out “a particular way”.

He also told her that the man who beat him up can’t cure him because he was flying overseas. Following this, the woman started receiving emails from an unknown ID telling her to perform specific sexual acts on the man so his body could be rid of toxins. The emails stated that the man had to have sex 3 times in the span of two days.

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The emails also gave her directions to perform sexual acts on the man six or seven times a day or until ‘he fell asleep’. It also told her to let him film it on his phone. The emails slowly took the form of threats which said that if she didn’t comply, her loved ones would be hurt and her semi-naked photos would be posted on the Internet. They also promised her a car and money if she kept doing them.

As reported by the DailyMail, the woman began to get suspicious when the emails started to show quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. She was encouraged by a friend to report the extortion and blackmailing. The woman told the court that she only consented to it previously because she believed that the man was in genuine danger.

The accused has admitted to tricking and blackmailing the woman and faces a sentence on May 25.

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Be on your guard folks! Life is not an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and such things do NOT happen in real life. As for the lying scum, he deserves the punishment he will get.

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