A Man Trapped For 82 Hours Under A Collapsed Hotel In Nepal Drank His Own Urine To Survive

A man trapped under a collapsed hotel in Nepal, who was found by a French rescue team more than 3 days after the horrific earthquake said that he had to drink his own urine to survive.

27 year old Rishi Khanal had just finished lunch in the Kathmandu hotel and was on the second floor when the entire floor started to shake, and collapsed soon after. While his foot remained crushed under rubble, he was surrounded by dead people for about 82 hours after which a French rescue team came for him, hearing his constant knocking on the rubble surface.


Khanal, who is now taken to the hospital for surgery, also said that since he was starving while anticipating his death, he resorted to drink his own urine in order to try surviving in case any help would arrive. Needless to say, he was glad when he was found.

Survival stories like this gives us rays of hope that we can still help our friends in Nepal come out of the natural tragedy.

News Source: The Deccan Chronicle

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