Mumbai Man Plans To Sue His Parents For Not Taking His Consent Before Giving Birth To Him

Ever heard of the term ‘anti-natalism’? It’s a philosophy that giving birth to a child means forcing life on another human being. It means making them suffer the ‘work and pay’ responsibilities and other hardships of life without their consent. A group of Indians who are apparently the believers of anti-natalism are working in favor of ‘child-free’ living.

One such anti-natalist, Raphael Samuel based in Mumbai is planning to sue his parents for bringing him into this world without asking for his consent. He believes that no human has the right to ‘force life’ on another human.

Not that he has suffered the misery of life way too much or he doesn’t share a cordial relationship with his parents but Samuel is very much not in favor of people giving birth to a child just for the sake of their pleasure.

Posted by Nihilanand on Friday, January 4, 2019

“I want to tell all Indian kids that they don’t owe their parents anything,” Samuel told The Print. “I love my parents, and we have a great relationship, but they had me for their joy and their pleasure. My life has been amazing, but I don’t see why I should put another life through the rigamarole of school and finding a career, especially when they didn’t ask to exist.”

He also runs a Facebook page called ‘ Nihilanand’ to preach his knowledge and awareness about anti-natalism. He often posts messages like “Isn’t forcing a child into this world and forcing it to have a career, kidnapping and slavery?” or “Your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog, you owe them nothing, you are their entertainment” on his page.

Something to think about on New year's Eve…#NewYearThoughts

Posted by Nihilanand on Monday, December 31, 2018

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Posted by Nihilanand on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Apart from the ethics of consent, the anti-natalist movement in India which is also dubbed at the child-free movement aims at easing the strain on Earth’s resources and not succumbing to the society’s pressure of having children. As reported by The Print, India’s ‘Stop Making Babies’ group will take their first ever official meeting on February 10 in Bengaluru.

Does all this make any sense to you? On one hand, an Indian bride has set an example by defying the rituals saying that ‘You can never pay parents’ debts’. On the other hand, an Indian who believes that he owes nothing to his parents is ready to drag to them to a court for giving birth to him.

What a conflicting world it is!

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