Man Gets Called Out For Rigorously Swinging Kid Up & Down In The Air In Video

Social media is the place one should be visiting if one wants to see what’s trending online. So, while scrolling through Twitter, I found a video of a person (probably a dad) playing with a little kid who looks like he’s no more than 2 years old.

In the clip, the man is seen doing extreme acrobats by throwing the child high up in the air and then grabbing him in his arms. He then makes the kiddo stand on his palm and then swiftly drops him down holding one of his legs with ease.

I almost skipped a heartbeat on seeing the kid swing down, head first. Even though the juggling and the stunts are dangerous, the child seems to enjoy it and is very comfortable with the man.
It looks like both of them have been practicing it together and have the utmost faith in each other.

Take a look at this video which is sure to give you a mini heart attack.

One slight slip of hands and the child could be hurt very badly. Thinking of this, many people said it was dangerous to do stunts like this just to show off.

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However, a handful of them also opined that the child looks happy with all the playing and that the man has practiced it well.

According to reports, it is dangerous to throw a baby up high in the air as it can result in injury. While neck strains and falling are the evident downfalls of tossing the child up and down, Shaken Baby Syndrome AKA Abusive Head Trauma is also a repercussion of it.

Reports indicate that the shaken baby syndrome happens to babies and toddlers younger than 2 years old. Rarely, it can happen to children up to 5 years old.

Kids are born with very weak neck muscles and little head control. Hence, our elders often tell us to support the head and neck of the child while playing until they develop the strength to do this themselves. This syndrome varies from age to age and it is advisable not to engage in such actions which is a common practice in several households.

Here’s another video explaining it in detail:

I think most of us desi kids have gone through all this in the name of fun and play. Do you think this guy went way too far with his gymnastics with the kid?

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