Man Streams IPL Match On His Phone Inside Cricket Stadium As His Seat Was Too Far

Regular people don’t go to cricket stadiums to carefully watch IPL matches. Instead, they go for the vibe, to witness the uncontrollable energy of thousands of fans cheering for their favourite teams. Many can’t even afford good seats from where they can watch the match. Most of them end up sitting right at the back at great heights where little to nothing is visible. Yet, they enjoy themselves throughout and return home with a smile.

However, during the ongoing IPL season, one man decided to enjoy the best of both worlds – the energy of the cricket stadium + to watch the match from all the good angles. So, he decided to stream the match on his phone while laying down on the seats at the stadium! He was sitting too far to watch the match directly anyway!

A video of the incident is being shared on Twitter. Many claimed that JioCinema, the app on which IPL matches can be streamed, should use this as an advertisement, and we agree!

People online shared a good laugh on watching the video. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Seriously, this only happens in our country! 😛

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