Businessman’s Son Stabbed A Toll Supervisor In Broad Daylight Because He Didn’t Want To Pay

Toll booths have been around for quite some time now, long enough for people to get used to them without incident. However, you never know what might happen in the toll booths when somebody tries to evade the nominal fees.

In a shocking incident, a toll supervisor was stabbed at Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL) on Sunday after he insisted that the people in the car, who were speeding away, pay the toll.

The incident took place at around 5.15pm when the two accused Rahul Regea, a business man’s son and Paleshwar Chavan, his childhood friend, were travelling from Worli to Bandra. The toll supervisor Kiran Chavan tried to stop them and insisted they pay the toll following which they got into a scuffle with the victim.

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Sea link security in-charge Rajesh Kedar told Mumbai Mirror,

“When Chavan stopped the car, the driver boasted of his political connections and said he won’t pay”. 

During the scuffle, nobody noticed when Paleshwar Chavan took out a sharp object (probably a knife) and stabbed the victim in a fit of rage.

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The footage of the entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera and you can clearly see the victim fall on the bonnet of the car after getting stabbed.


You can see the entire CCTV footage of the crime here-

Both the accused were arrested after others at the toll booth overpowered them and handed them over to the police. The victim is now battling for his life in the ICU at Lilavati Hospital.

Toll booths impose a nominal fee to go through and some people in an attempt to evade it, resort to the most extreme and unacceptable form of violence. The supervisor was doing his duty and did not deserve to get stabbed for it. We hope that the accused are aptly punished for this heinous crime.