Husband Sneaks Dog Into Hospital In A Suitcase For His Dying Wife

Dogs are just not a pet but, family. And those who love and own pet dogs have numerous heart-touching experiences to share. Here’s one such heartwarming story of a man who went out of his way to make a wish of his dying wife come true.

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After suffering complications stemming from invasive surgery, the woman could now barely eat, drink or talk. She somehow managed to convey her husband that she was willing to meet their pet dog, Bella, one last time before she passes away.

Of course, hospitals do not allow pets inside, but her husband decided to anyhow grant his ailing wife’s final request. And, so he came up with a clever plan.

The man shared the entire instance on Reddit:

I sneaked my dog into the hospital to see my wife, and now, a year later, every time the dog sees a suitcase she thinks we are going to see her. from Pets

And this how, the man managed to sneak their dog into the hospital. The story which proves that love is, indeed, unconditional, has been loved by the fellow Redditors:

Picturizing the moment when the man unzipped the suitcase and Bella hopped right out, silently without making any noise, to meet her mother brings tears to our eyes. What an incredible story describing true love and the uncertainty of life, it is!