‘Influencer’ Smoking Inside Dubai-Delhi Flight Goes Viral, Aviation Minister Criticizes Act

I don’t think there would be a person who wouldn’t know that smoking or carrying a lighter inside a flight is a punishable offense. An army of security personnel has also been recruited inside the airport premises to ensure that no one breaks this rule.

However, despite the strict checking, a man successfully sneaked in a lighter inside a flight. Not just this, he had the audacity to light a cigarette inside a flight with passengers and even record a video doing so.

The video of the ‘social media influencer’ identified as Bobby Katariya smoking a cigarette inside the flight has now gone viral.

In his defense, Katariya said that the video is from a foreign land and not in India.

The internet was appalled after seeing him show off this punishable act. Some also raised concerns over airport security.

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According to Hindustan Times, the video dates back to earlier this year when he was on a Dubai-Delhi Spicejet flight. When he was caught in the act, the Indian budget airline put him on its no-flying list for 15 days, in February.

Reacting to the old video that now went viral, Union Minister for Civil Aviation & Steel, Jyotiraditya M. Scindia said that there will be no tolerance for such hazardous behavior.

Even though the airline said that it was an old video and barred him from taking a flight for 15 days, his action is worth all the criticism. This also calls for the airport authorities to tighten their security.

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