‘Barbecue Babaji’: Man Sits On Burning Tava As Devotees Come To Pay Respect Inside Kitchen

India is a country that houses people from all religions, who worship different Gods and practice different beliefs and ideologies. It is also a country that has more God-fearing people than God-loving.

This is why, there are also scores of self-proclaimed Godmen and Sadhu Babas who claim they are God-sent by doing certain antics and theatrics to woo others.

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A journalist named Vividha recently stumbled upon a video that showed a man sitting on a metal tava, resembling the one on which dosas are made.

As the man, dressed in white, smoked tobacco while sitting on the cooking utensil, his pupils and followers lit a fire underneath the tava inside what looks like an open kitchen.

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Several people are also coming to meet the Baba and are paying their respects to him by bowing down on his feet. According to Vividha, his name is ‘Baba Agnishwar’.

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Vividha was curious to know who this man was. So, she shared the video online and asked people to identify him.

This is how people reacted to seeing this baba on fire.

What do you think of this Babaji ki booty?

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