Man Shares Pic Of ‘Ninja’ Wife Handling Kitchen & Office Work, Gets Slammed For Not Helping

You will find how in our society, women are glorified for their multitasking skills. It is indeed a laud worthy quality to have which goes a long way in our professional careers and managing a household. However, the problem lies in people expecting women to handle work and manage the household all at once without any external help while men take a backseat.

Performing household chores is something that is a basic survival necessity and it is for both men and women to perform. Either distribute the chores evenly or take turns to do it every other day. And if it gets too much for both of you, hire a house help. But don’t expect any one person to do it all and then laud them for it without helping them out.

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Something on similar lines happened recently. A man named Himanshu Bhagat took to LinkedIn to share a picture of his wife, Nikita, who was seen inside their kitchen working on a laptop while chopping onions.

The husband shared it along with an appreciation post for her and wrote how her wife was being a “ninja” – prepping for the next meeting, chopping vegetables, making tea, managing a puppy and her husband, while he gets to sit in a closed room and focus on his work. He also went on to laud other wives and mothers who do the same.

Have a look at his post here:

While there is nothing wrong with appreciating your wife, people online were quick to point out that it would have been better if he helped her out instead and made things easier for her. Some also suggested getting external help as both of them were working professionals.

This is not the only case. Earlier, there was one man who shared a picture of his wife working on her laptop while attending to her toddler. There was another story where a woman was working in the kitchen while on oxygen support during the pandemic. Such instances are proof of how women are expected to do it all, all at once, without complaining and getting little to no help.

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