‘Stale Food, Luggage Broken’ Man Shares Experience While Travelling In Air India Flight

On January 27, 2022, Air India was taken over by the Tata Group. In its first year, the company restored grounded aircraft and hired new talent. In its second year, the aircraft began to fly. However, it seems like Air India still has a long way to go in terms of giving the most comfortable flying experience.

We say this because Vineeth K, a frequent traveller and investor, took to share his harrowing experience while travelling via Air India from New Delhi to Newark. According to him, his seat was not fully functional, the TV didn’t work, the food was stale and his luggage was broken.

His experience was a nightmare despite paying Rs 5 lakh for the roundtrip and booking business class. He added pictures for proof as well.

He revealed how first, there was a delay in takeoff. Next, he wanted to go to sleep and realized that his seat didn’t change into a flat bed, for which he was shifted to another seat. When the food was served, he found that the food was “uncooked” and that the fruits were “stale”. The TV screen showed a ‘Not Found’ error. And finally, when his luggage came, he realised his luggage was broken.

“Yesterday’s flight was no less than a nightmare. Booked business class. The seats were not clean, worn off & of the 35 at least 5 seats were not functional. 25 mins delayed take off. After settling for 30 mins post take off, I wanted to get to sleep (3.30 AM) and realised that my seat doesn’t go to a FLAT BED, reason it’s not working. Requested the crew and after 10 mins of trying, they moved me to another seat which worked. Woke up after a few hours, the food was served and it was uncooked (never faced this in AI), the fruits were stale (everyone onboard returned back). TV/Screen never worked. Not that I would have watched, just tried and it showed ‘Not Found’ error. After all this, final nail in the coffin is THEY BROKE MY LUGGAGE (sic),” he wrote.

Have a look at his entire post here:

Seems like such a waste of money, doesn’t it?

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