Stuntman Sets Himself On Fire While Popping The Question To His GF, Watch Video


We know that proposals are a once in a lifetime opportunity and most of us want it to be special and memorable. But sometimes, just to stand out from the crowd, people tend to go way too overboard, like in this case.

Riky Ash, a 52-year-old stuntman from Nottingham gave his beau a very fiery proposal. According to People, Riky set himself on fire, spreading up to his back and legs, as he popped the question to his girlfriend Katrina Dobson.

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Katrina, the 48-year-old nurse who works in the accident and emergency department at a hospital in Kent, United Kingdom, was shocked on seeing Riky in flames.

Visuals from his LIT proposal (pun intended) made it to social media and he can be seen kneeling before Katrina as he extends the ring to her.

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Apparently, Katrina didn’t have any idea about the dramatic proposal and thought she was taking part in a photoshoot with Riky for an article on ‘a National Health Service nurse found love’. She even came to the venue in her scrubs, reports New York Post.

“He sold it to me as a story on something that would make people smile. When he was set on fire, I saw he had his hand in his pocket. I thought, ‘what are you doing, get your hand out of your pocket.’ And all of a sudden he just took out this ring,” News18 quoted Katrina saying.

However, according to Katrina, it was just perfect. “It really was a lovely way to do it. He lives and breathes his job, so it was the perfect proposal.” After regaining her composure, she said YES!

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Riky, who has been a stunt double for 27 years said:

“She couldn’t even get the word ‘yes’ out because she was so shocked. This is what I do day in, day out. I was so excited to do it.”

“For me, it was like doing a big Hollywood blockbuster and I was proposing to my girlfriend at the same time. We all know each other in the stunt industry, and no one’s ever proposed on fire before.” Talking about their relationship, Katrina said, “It was a whirlwind romance.”

“We went on a date and knew from the very beginning we wanted to spend our time together. Then lockdown happened and we spoke on the phone every day for three weeks.”

“I love my job working in A&E. I love helping people, but I’ve never found that right person before. I’m pinching myself. I can’t believe it’s me,” she added.

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Riky who did stunts in the Tim Burton blockbuster ‘Sleepy Hollow’ among others said that he wanted to reward Katrina for working so hard in these tough times.

“Katrina has worked so hard during these times and I know that this will make her year receiving my proposal of marriage rewarding her for her continued commitment to changing people’s lives for the better.”

“She is a very modest hardworking lady, I am very fortunate to have met her and she has changed my life in so many positive ways,” he added.

Here’s the video of the proposal:

Although this proposal is cute, we don’t suggest anyone attempt it. Remember, it was done by a professional stuntman while taking all the precautions. With that said, tell us how far you would go to express your love to your partner?

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