Guy Seeks Help Online After His GF Agrees To Marry Someone Else But Won’t Breakup With Him

Social media have today become like those friends who might rarely be in touch with us but are always there when you need their advice. Like earlier, people shared their opinions on living a marriage-free life.

Now, people are giving their two cents to a 24-year-old man who is anxious because the woman he loves is getting married to someone else.

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Taking to Reddit, the guy asked people online for opinions to tackle this tricky situation. He also wrote a lengthy post sharing his story.

So basically I [M 24] have known this woman[27 F] for over two years. We belong to different religions, she’s a Sikh and I am a Hindu. She’s also good two inches taller than me and also working as a government officer. Neither of us wanted to marry so decided to stay fwb but then I moved to different city and we couldn’t meet as much. An year ago i started feeling for her and she has always had feelings for me. We never got into a relationship but mutually told each other that we are in love. Then it went on like that for an year, usual calling every night, texting “I love you” texts, calling each other cute relationship names, basically we were being a couple without making it official. Her parents are forcing her to marry from over an year and she always makes one excuse or other to reject the guy. Meanwhile my thoughts about marriage didn’t change much but u really started seeing my future with this lady and kind of got around the fact that marriage is the only way i can have her. But the problem is she cannot marry me as I am a hindu and she’s a sikh and her really orthodox parents will never agree for it. I have told her that I’d like to marry her and ik she wants it too because she’s been saying that for over an year. Now we are in a situation where we cannot leave each other (call it love maybe). But she desperately wants to ditch me so she could have feelings for her husband(whoever it may be). But the moment I try to break it off (which is very hard), she starts crying and i could not actually do it. I don’t know how to go about it and what is the solution to all this.

PS – I am not religious at all, i won’t even mind converting as i don’t give a fuck about it. Ik for a fact ki vo chutiya to nahi hi kaat rhi hai because she has nothing in it for her. Don’t give me suggestions like we are adults and should run away or something because she’ll never do that.

TLDR; Me and my partner belong to different religions and her family will never agree for it. What to do?

UPDATE: I blocked her. Let’s hope I don’t cave in. (sic)

Basically, the guy and the girl are from different religions and the girl’s family is too orthodox to marry her outside of their religion. So the woman, who is older than the guy and presumingly of the ‘marriageable age’ is being forced by her family to get married ASAP.

Now, they are in a situation wherein they can’t just give up on each other. But the girl desperately wants to ditch the guy so that at least she can have feelings for the person she would be marrying soon.

On reading their complicated situation, people came in to help. This is what they suggested to this man.

They don’t seem ready to marry even each other.

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‘Move on’, suggested a majority of them.

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Try working something out.

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The woman was judged too.

Some spoke from experience.

Giving up is always an option but if they want to stay with each other desperately, they should take a chance and try convincing others. What would you suggest?

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