Man Gives Gyaan About Childbirth To A Journo Who Is A Mom, Twitter Slams Him For Mansplaining

Some of us have a tendency to give opinions on anything and everything even if we have close to no knowledge about the topic we are talking about.

This is also true in the case of men who think they can talk about a woman’s body, her biological cycle, childbirth, and the trauma and pain associated with it.

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Apart from the many baseless discussions I have had with people talking about a woman’s period, some of whom ended up mansplaining me how women overreact to it, this man informing a woman (a mom) that childbirth isn’t as painful as feminists hype about proves testimony to that.

Taking to Twitter, a journalist Rituparna Chatterjee shared a screengrab of an article titled ‘No, giving birth to babies is not as painful as feminists tell you’ that was sent to her, a woman who has already given birth, by a man who never has and never will go through it himself.

Not to ignore, the article is also written by a man.

This is not only hilarious but stupid on the part of the person questioning the procedure that has come across as life-threatening, traumatizing, and mentally and physically taxing to women.

This is how people online reacted to this bizarre and fundamentally flawed incident.

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Well, the debate around childbirth and abortion was initiated following the landmark verdict of the US Supreme Court against Roe vs Wade which gives states the power to ban abortion. Interestingly, 4 of the 5 Justices giving this ruling were men.


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Rachel from ‘FRIENDS’ said it way ahead of time what many women want to say here because maybe, she saw this coming!

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