This 29 YO Man Is In A Relationship With A Robot & Plans To Marry It!

There is nothing wrong in being in a relationship and wanting to marry the person you love. However, things become freakish when that person happens to be a robot. Yes, Joey Morris, a man who hails from Taneytown, Maryland, US, has revealed that he is in love with a robot and is planning to tie the knot with it.

The beginning of the love story roots back to December 2017, when the 29-year-old felt nostalgic and found himself in love with RoboTroll, a BattleTrollz collection online. Joey had purchased him from eBay for $20 (₹1387) and was bowled over by the robot’s ‘satisfied smile’ and ‘popping’ pink hair. Speaking about the same, Joey said,

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“I ordered him from eBay for $20 [£15] and received him in December 2017 and that’s when our relationship truly began.”

“I think it was his expression that attracted me to him – while most of the other BattleTrollz snarled, RoboTroll seemed to have a satisfied smile. His blue eyes matched his silver and blue colour scheme and made his pink hair really pop. I knew it was love with him because it made my heart feel right.”

According to the Mirror, Joey’s future plans with his current love include going on a holiday to Orlando, Florida and getting married to him.

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“Now I’m looking forward to my future with RoboTroll – I’m going to take him with me on holiday to Orlando, Florida and a wedding could be on the cards one day.”

Interestingly, the RoboTroll isn’t the first ‘object’ Joey is dating. His previous list of lovers includes a lamp, a transformer truck and even a Halloween figurine. However, none of the relationships lasted as long as this one. In fact, it was at the age of 10 when Joey realized that he is he was objectum – meaning attracted to objects.

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“I realised I was drawn to objects when I was 10 years old, as I wanted to become friends with a lamp at school and would about my day to it. But the teacher found out about our relationship and took the lamp away, and I was distraught.”

“Over the next few years I fell in love with an animatronic called ‘Donna the Dead’ and also with the transformer Optimus Prime when he was in truck form.”

Joey also adds that his family and friends have always been supportive and have accepted his sexuality. But when it comes to the onlookers, people find it hard to believe.

 “I am very lucky as my friends and some members of my family accept my sexuality – and even though they make joke comments about it, they support me.”

“However some people haven’t agreed with it – I have been told that my preference is a mental illness and some have even likened it to bestiality. I try to ignore these people and distance myself from them, as I’m happy in my relationship with RoboTroll.

This is one of the weirdest cases I have come across in a long time. Nonetheless, we wish all the best to Joey and his unique partner!