Woman Shares The Cringiest Pickup Line Used By A ‘Takatvar’ Guy On Bumble, Desis Facepalm

The trauma that dating apps have become these days is just mind-numbing. Probably this is the reason why people have started using them to build their professional network and also to dupe people online.

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Don’t believe me? Well, here’s another reason why people will soon be uninstalling dating apps and going the conventional way of finding the love of their lives.

A woman named Neha Ramneek Kapoor swiped right on a man on a dating app. They started the conversation with the usual ‘Hi, how are you?’ However, what unfolded next is just crazy.

Neha very casually responds to the guy’s ‘How are you?’ with ‘I’m good. How are you?’ And unlike many of us, the guy decided to act cool and replied, ‘I am Takatvar’ with a bicep flexing emoji 💪.

Ye toh kuch bhi nhi. When Neha continued the conversation with a cringe ‘okayyy then’, the guy asked her if she would indulge in arm wrestling with him. ‘Chal PANJAA’ he asked her.

Here’s the funniest and most annoying chat that happened between them.

Sharing the screengrab of the most epic convo on a dating app, the user wrote:

I was ROFL laughing but also thinking ‘hadd hai yaar’ when I read this chat. Let’s see how people online responded to this:

The only reason Neha swiped right on this guy was that he had a bio and normal pics on his profile.

I really want to know what was the guy thinking. Chotey bachchey ho kya?!

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