Man Hatches & Raises A Baby Parrot After Its Mother’s Death, Watch Video


While many of us enjoy watching the wildlife in their natural habitat, there are times when animals need our help to survive. That is exactly why a man decided to raise an orphaned baby parrot on his own. In a time-lapse clip shared by Forest Service (IFS) officer, Parveen Kaswan, a man can be seen raising a baby parrot right from its birth from an egg, reports India Today.

The man securely extricated the baby parrot from the egg.

He lovingly took care of the baby bird. And as the bird grew with each passing day he even prepared special food to feed it.

Once the parrot grew up, he fed it grains as well.

In the end, the beautiful, young parrot can be seen having a good time at the man’s house.

Have a look at the heartwarming video:

Many people applauded the man for his thoughtful gesture:

A few others shared their personal experience of taking care of animals and even inquired about the food he fed the bird:

Animals deserve all our love. Kudos to the man for patiently raising the baby.

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