70 YO Man Cons Indian Railways, Caught Putting Lizard In Food To Get It For Free!

We all love free food, don’t we? It’s the number one reason why most of us keep our social awkwardness aside and attend weddings and family functions. But how far are you willing to go to get food for free? Not as far as this senior citizen we hope!

A 70-year-old man has been contaminating his food with lizards so that he gets it for free from Indian Railways! According to sources, a senior divisional commercial manager at the railways noticed a striking similarity between complaints of contaminated food and alerted other officials at the latest railway division.

“He was the same person. He claimed to have found a lizard in the samosa he ate at Jabalpur station on July 14. Then he complained that a lizard has been found in his biryani at Guntkal station. I became suspicious and alerted the senior DCM and shared the man’s photo. He turned out to be 70 plus and did it for free meals”, said the senior DMC at Jabalpur.

The man was caught in Guntkal station following which he confessed to his crimes. He said that he wasn’t using an actual lizard for his tricks. Instead, it was a “fish which cured mental illness”.

“I have done the wrong thing. I am an old man, I am mentally unstable, I have blood cancer. Please let me go”, he said during his confession.

The railway officials condemned his actions and stated that the reputation of Indian Railways suffered because of his lies. However, they let the man go after making him promise he wouldn’t do such things again.

When people say they’d do anything for free food, this better be not what they mean!

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