Video: Guy Pretends To Faint At Work So He Can Get The Day Off & His Manager Believes Him

When I was in school, my friend once faked an illness to get out of a surprise test, and she was successfully sent back home to rest. Have you ever come up with a fake excuse to miss your school classes or your those long Zoom calls at work that could’ve been an email? How far would you be willing to go in order to get an off for one day?

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A Twitter user named @ElpedroThe2nd posted a video clip of himself of how he attempted to escape work one day. He mentions in the caption that he was 18 and hungover at the time, and ensured the manager was there to see him when he decided to pull this stunt off. Check it out:

The clip shows the man to be working behind the counter at a supermarket while he was speaking to a woman, apparently his manager. He then grabs a plastic divider next to him, turns to his left, and suddenly falls down on the floor. He lies there motionless, pretending to fake unconsciousness as the woman looks on confused and unsure.

Credit: Twitter/@ElpedroThe2nd

In response to others’ queries in the comments section, the man spilled all the beans on what happened next.

  1. He said that everybody at his workplace believed that he fainted.

2. After a year and a half, he revealed to the woman in the video that he was just pretending to faint.

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3. People marveled at his dedication to get out of work.

4. He even gave pro-tips on how to pull it off successfully.

5. He explained why he couldn’t do things like this anymore.

6. Another user shared a similar experience.

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