Kind-Hearted Bengaluru Auto Driver Took A Pregnant Woman To Hospital & Cared For The Baby When The Mother Ran Away!

Every day we wake up to at least one horrifying news on the internet. Murder, rape, terror attacks, and other brutal incidents keep on happening in different parts of the world making us question where the human race is headed. However, there are also incidents of selfless acts by humans which bring a smile to our faces.

A 29-year-old auto driver from Bangalore restored our faith in humanity by taking an unknown pregnant woman to the hospital for delivery and taking care of her baby for 18 days.

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According to sources, Babu Muddrappa found the woman in labour in Whitefield road and crying for help. Seeing her going through a lot of pain, a sympathetic Babu took her to a nearby hospital from where the doctors sent him to CV Raman hospital to get her admitted.

“The woman was in a lot of pain so I didn’t ask her any questions. I just filled up the admission forms with my details”, he said.

During the admission process, he came to know her name was Nanditha. Besides that, he received no other information.

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Later that day, the woman gave birth to a baby girl but she was 2 months premature, weighing just 850 grams. Babu was asked to rush the infant to Bowring Hospital for treatment and so he did. However, when he came back to CV Raman hospital to finish Nanditha’s admission formalities, he was informed that she fled from the hospital.

Shocked on hearing the news and having felt bad for the newborn, Babu decided to adopt her and raise her as his own child. He was already married and had two kids of his own.

“When I saw the baby it reminded me of my children when they were just born and I could not think of abandoning her. So I took care of the hospital bills and other expenses”, he said.

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Babu would work during the day and visit the baby at night in the hospital. Reports revealed that initially the child suffered from severe breathing problems but was recovering and showing signs of improvement.

Babu took care of her food and medicines, doing everything that was required to keep the girl healthy. But by a sad turn of events, her health deteriorated and the baby died after 18 days in the hospital.

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However, he did not disclose to sources how much he spent for the baby’s treatment.

“The time and money I spent are immaterial. She was like my own child. No one keeps an account of how much we spend on our children’s food or hospital expenses”, he said.

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People like him make the world so kind!