Delhi Man Poses As BSF Officer During Lockdown To Impress GF’s Neighbours, Gets Nabbed


Stories of people faking being government officers after failing to clear competitive exams are plenty. A 20-year-old fake IPS officer who was called for events as a chief guest at many places was busted last year. In fact, a UP man who faked being a doctor for around 10 years and conducted several surgeries was also caught with a fake medical degree.

The latest incident has come to light in south-east Delhi where a 29-year-old, Gaurav Mishra aspired to become a Border Security Force (BSF) officer. He, however, failed to clear the competitive exams for the post and lied to his parents about the same, reports TOI. He got a uniform stitched for himself and pretended to have joined the force.

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Decked up in the uniform, he would often make rounds in his and his girlfriend’s colony to impress people in the locality. He reached the Badarpur area of Delhi to take an account of the arrangements done by the police force to curb the spread of coronavirus. He also reportedly gave an earful to the cops for not taking appropriate measures, reports Pune Mirror.

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But when he was asked to show his identity card, he couldn’t. He claimed he was an Assistant Commandant of BSF and had been sent on duty from President’s house. But he failed to offer any details about his unit. “The arrested accused had even lied to his father that he had cracked the exam of asstt. commandant of BSF. He had purchased the uniform from Tigri Camp Khanpur,” DCP KR Meena told TOI. Later, the investigating authority discovered that Mishra actually worked at a call center.

Shortcuts take you nowhere, it’s high time youngsters understand this and start working to realize career aspirations!

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