Delhi Man Fakes Being ISRO Scientist To Marry PhD Student, Leaves Her For ‘NASA Mission’

When it comes to big, life-altering decisions like marriage, it always better to err on the side of caution and stick to the old adage of ‘trust, but verify’. This is because of the sheer number of incidents involving shady characters on matrimonial sites and women being duped of large sums of money. Recently, a woman found out that her husband not only lied about his education but also about his profession and marital status.

In May, a PhD student residing in Delhi married a man named Jitender after he told her and her family that he was an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus and a scientist at ISRO. He showed them fake documents and also introduced them to his family in Rewari. But she later found out that he was unemployed and already had a wife in Gurugram.

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The Times of India reports that after the wedding, the man told her he was going to the US to train at NASA. After returning from the States, he went to Bangalore for work. But she had become suspicious of his whereabouts, so she tracked his location with help of a shared Netflix account.

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She found him logged in from Gurugram when he was supposed to be in Bangalore. She confronted him which lead to a confession on his part.

The victim lodged a police complaint on October 1. According to News18, a case has been registered at Dwarka North Police Station but both him and his family are absconding.

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