47 YO Single Guy From Kansas Is Offering To Pay You ₹17 Lakh To Find Him A Girlfriend

It’s Valentine’s day you’ll! Love is in the air (along with hilarious memes). While people swipe right in search of their ideal date, there are others who took a more creative route to find their special someone.

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Like, this man from Kansas City. Jeff Gebhart was tired of online dating apps so he took a less traditional route to find the love of his life. The 47-year-old entrepreneur launched a website called DateJeffG.com that offers $25,000( Rs. 17 lakh approximately) to anyone who can find him a girlfriend, reports CBS News.

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He has been reportedly working on the website for the past 6 months. And while Jeff enjoys his life to the fullest, he made the website to find the missing part of his life: A girlfriend, reports Business Insider. As per the website, the entrepreneur is a well-established man who has built and sold a couple of companies successfully. He describes himself as a positive person who has an incredible group of friends.

“My friends describe me as a lighthearted jackass, high energy, positive and always has a big smile on his face kind of a guy.” 

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In the welcome video on top of the site, Jeff explains the idea behind the $25,000 (Rs. 17 lakh approximately) reward. He says that he wants to give his money to someone who’s genuinely interested in helping him instead of wasting the cash on dating apps. The website also mentions that Jeff doesn’t sit ideal and loves adventures.

“I’ve run with the bulls in Spain, jumped out of a few airplanes and have been known to snowboard wearing my pink bunny costume. I also like keeping it low-key; trying out a new restaurant, having drinks around a fire with close friends.” 

The site includes all of Jeff’s interests and hobbies so that people know him well before approaching him with their suggestion of an ideal partner. The entrepreneur who appears to be a great-catch has never been engaged or married and he doesn’t have any children as well.

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Additionally, Jeff is a dog lover and he is willing to make a $25,000 donation to a no-kill dog shelter/charity, reports New York Post. The site is filled with fun pictures of Jeff and also has positive testimonials from people in his life.

Anyone interested in playing the real-life cupid for Jeff has to fill out a detailed questionnaire. However, you are not eligible for the reward if you have self-nominated yourself. Basically, a friend needs to nominate you to earn the cash prize.

Well, by the looks of it, Jeff seems like an easy-going, fun guy. We hope he finds true love soon.

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