In A Brilliant Jugaad, Pune Man Modifies His Scooter Into A Complete Puncture Repair Shop!

Aamir Khan’s brilliance and jugaad in 3 Idiots won hearts nationwide. But, what you probably didn’t know is that such mavericks are all around us. Pune is home to just such an inventor. 38-year-old Yusuf Farukh Shaikh got creative with a scooter he purchased. If, the best of desi jugaad is seen in pocket-friendly inventions with boundless efficiency; wait till you witness what Yusuf did with his ride!

The man tweaked it to function as a comprehensive repair shop! Shaikh now uses his modified ride to repair punctures.

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The passion project took Shaikh just 30 days and Rs 12,000 to complete. He retrofitted the ride he purchased second-hand with an air tank as well as a compressor to refill tyres with air. The modified contraption now aids the entrepreneur in earning between Rs 8,000 and 10,000 every month, reports TOI.

See for yourself!

The man estimates that he expends Rs 10 on petrol for every puncture he fixes and earns Rs 50 for it. Furthermore, he delights in that fact that his invention fascinates people.

We’re certainly fans of his thrifty jugaad. Aren’t you?