Delhi Man Flashes And Masturbates At 2 Woman, Says He Gets A ‘Kick’ Out Of It

The Indian capital of Delhi has been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From the increasing cases of rape and sexual assault to the extreme levels of pollution, Delhi has crossed all levels of normalcy.

And if you are thinking that’s all coming from the place, you’re mistaken. Here, we have an incident which is bizarre and disgusting in its own rights.

An individual named Sandeep Chauhan was recently arrested in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj by the police for flashing his genitals and masturbating in front of two women.

Sandeep pulled off the disgraceful act on the 13th of April in front of two women who lived in the same building in which he resided. According to a senior policeman, Sandeep had waited for the women for quite some time. It was after a while when he spotted one of them on the ground floor and then the other who was returning from work.

Chauhan was drunk at the time of the incident and stated that it was a pleasure to scare those women. The man who also admitted that he got a ‘kick’ from the activity held the liquor responsible for forcing him to masturbate.

According to him, he does not get involved in such activities when sober. On further investigation, it has been found that the man is a habitual offender with more than 30 cases of stalking, molestation and attempt to murder lodged against him.

An incident which came into prominence was when he stalked a woman from south Delhi after being obsessed with her. He kept an eye on her for a period of time and broke into her house when she was alone. He masturbated in front of the lady and chased her when she tried to escape. The woman fell down the stairs injuring her head badly which led to an attempt to murder case being filed against Sandeep.

Surprisingly, Chauhan is a married man with a 12-year-old daughter. He comes from a decent background and is a martial arts teacher who has worked for several schools in South Delhi. Speaking on his defense, Chauhan said,

 “I am sober during the day. My students have never had any complaints against me. There were a few who were scared of me, but I don’t know why.”

You can watch the video here:

With these cases of disrespect towards women increasing at an alarming rate, justice can only be done with the guilty being punished.