“He’s My Baby, I Won’t Let Him Die,” Poor Man Gives Dog His Only Mask As Protection Amid Pandemic

Having a pet, for some of us, is better than having a human life partner. Most of us are happier with cuddling them and their tantrums and stupid but cute acts often make us love them even more. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to keep them safe and protected.

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Earlier, a dog lover traveled 349km to search for his lost dog and announced ₹10k as a reward. This time, a video of an underprivileged man with his furry buddy has been making rounds online. In the undated short clip, the poor man can be seen carrying a dog on his shoulder and making him wear a mask.

When quizzed why was he making the dog wear a mask while not wearing one himself, the man said that he has raised the dog from its childhood. It’s his best bud named Guru and he’ll do anything to keep him protected even if it means losing his life, reported News18.

The man named Mohan Lal says in Hindi, “Mai toh mar jaungi lekin isko marney nhi dunga. Ye mera bachpan se pala hua bachcha hai.” (“This is my baby. Whatever happens to me will happen but I don’t want any harm to come his way. Even if I die, I won’t let my dog die.”)

People online were all hearts over this guy’s love towards his pet.

I’m sure, this video resonates with every dog lover just as it has done with me. Hats off to this guy. Having said that, don’t forget to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Take care, guys!

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