Love Story: Man Looks After His GF Who Got Paralysed A Month After 1st Date For 30 Years

Ours is a generation of right and left swipes when it comes to love. Quick dates, even living together and then breaking up at the slightest inconvenience. It’s like we have forgotten how to be patient with a person and give ‘love’ a chance.

But it’s good to know that even today, love stories like those shown in classic movies still exist. So today, we’ll share with you an incredibly touching one.

It was back in 1992 that Xu Zhili met Huang Cuiyun. He was a 29-year-old carpenter and she was a 21-year-old migrant worker in Hunan. According to South China Morning Post, Xu fell in love with Huang at first sight.

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So, one month after dating, the two decided to get married to each other. The couple boarded a bus to Xu’s parents’ house as he wanted them to meet Huang and give them their blessings. They planned on getting married in any nearby province. But they never made it to Xu’s parents’ house.

They were on their way when the bus suffered an accident after it plunged 70 metres down a steep ravine. Xu suffered minor head injuries but it was Huang who majorly injured her spine, leading her to suffer from paralysis.

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But Xu didn’t leave Huang’s side, even when his family asked him to not take such a tough responsibility.

He told them that he made a promise to Huang that he will take care of her life and he wanted to keep that promise. So after Huang was discharged from the hospital, he started caring for her and has been doing so even today.

Besides nursing Huang, Xu made a lot of sacrifices in order to make life easier for her.

He didn’t shift to a bigger city for a better job, because it would be difficult for Huang to do so. He remained in his village and worked as a farmer.

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Even as a farmer, he didn’t grow crops that were more profitable. Instead, he grew vegetables that Huang liked. He also learnt carpentry so he could make renovations in his house that would help Huang. For example, he built a custom-made toilet so Huang could use the bathroom without his help and a hoe-shaped tool that let her turn over and get in and out of bed by herself.

That’s not all. He also learnt to play a Chinese two-string instrument called the Erhu so he could play it to Huang to entertain her. At that time, cell phones and the internet were still alien things in rural China.

Since they could not have children, they adopted a daughter.

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On the other hand, Huang hadn’t told her parents about her accident in 1992 because she didn’t want to be a burden on them. Hence, after the accident, neither did she go back home, nor did she speak to them. Her parents, worried about what had become of her, took the help of local reporters to track her down.

It was after 26 years that Huang returned home to meet her family and after that, apply for a marriage license with their blessings.

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Such kinds of relationships are so rare – one in a million perhaps!

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