Kolkata Man Kills His Social Media Addict Wife After She Forgets To Cook Food

The usage and reach of technology has shot up dramatically in a very short span of time. Not even a decade ago we had to push a button four times to get it to type ‘s’ but, the tiny flip phones have been quickly replaced by the world at our fingertips. The smartphone era has made us all addicted to the little devices in our hands.

However, as addictive as these devices may be, they are not meant to serve as a motive to commit a crime. Needless to say, humanity has died a shameful death as something like this happened quite recently.

Surajit Pal, a resident of Kolkata killed his wife Tumpa, in a fit of rage, as she forgot to cook food because of her addiction to social media. Her addiction had led him to do all the household chores like cooking and cleaning.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, 24 January when the husband came home and found his wife engrossed in social media. He then proceeded to cook the food after which an argument ensued between them. Following this, the husband hit the chopper on her head several times and strangulated her with a towel to death.

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He even tried to take his own life after this by slitting his wrists but failed to do so. He then chose to nurse his wounds by applying a bandage to them.

According to the New Indian Express, the accused also suspected his wife of having an extra-marital affair as she was on her phone all the time.

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However, during police investigations, it was revealed that the accused had an extra-marital affair with his wife’s unmarried sister. The wife had found out about this and their relationship had soured since then.

The body of the victim was first discovered by her younger son who came home from college only to find his mother in a pool of blood. According to DNA, the neighbours also confirmed that the couple fought bitterly.

The police also revealed that the accused had fled to Howrah station in a bid to evade arrest. However, the police already suspected him of the murder and sent teams to Howrah and Sealdah stations. The accused surrendered himself on Thursday and said that he killed his wife “out of anger”.

The accused has since been arrested and remanded in police custody by the Alipore court.

How can a human being stoop so low as to murder his own wife for not doing household chores? We hope that the man is brought to justice for his gruesome crime.

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