Techie Murders & Buries Nephew In Delhi Flat’s Balcony, Arrested After 3 Years Of Crime

The Delhi police have uncovered a disturbing murder, the accused of which had been hiding from the law for over 3 years. And all because his nephew had befriended his girlfriend. Violent crimes aren’t that uncommon but this one is quite appalling, to say the least.

Here’s what happened

According to The Hindu, Bijay Kumar Maharana, a 37-year-old man from Odisha, shifted to Delhi in 2012. The reason behind the move is said to be his girlfriend Priyanka who had shifted a while before him. Later in 2015, Bijay’s nephew, Jai Prakash Maharana also came to the capital for work and became his flatmate.

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Rajendra Singh Sagar, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) shed light on the case by saying, “The woman, Priyanka, used to come to their house often due to which she and Jai also became friends. Bijay soon came to know that Jai was in contact with Priyanka. Bijay did not like the friendship between Jai and Priyanka. He got upset and decided to kill Jai.”

On February 6, 2016, Bijay used a motor of a ceiling fan lying in the house to kill his nephew. Thereafter, he buried the body in the balcony soil and planted saplings to cover his tracks. A week after the incident, he filed a missing person report alleging that his nephew had gone out with his friends and not returned home. Two months later, he vacated this rented accommodation.

The clue that unravelled it all

The owner of the flat, Vikram Singh, was renovating his flat in October 2018 when the workers found a buried skeleton in the balcony. He immediately informed the police about it. A HuffPost India report says this turned out to be the main lead that helped solve the murder.

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It was found that Bijay had quit his job, switched off his cell phones, closed his bank accounts and moved to Hyderabad. Interrogating his family and close aides did not reveal much as he wasn’t in contact with them. A tip from a close friend and technical data helped the police finally catch hold of him in Hyderabad on Sunday. He has now been brought to the capital.

The most gruesome part of the whole incident is that 2 other tenants lived in the vacated flat after Bijay. It took 3 years for the body to be found and identified. Hopefully, the case will see its logical conclusion and appropriate punishment meted out.