Man Punches And Kicks Woman At An Indore Gym After She Complains Of Him Molesting Her

Is hitting a woman a testament of a man’s manliness and an ego boost to his machoism? No, right?

Then why on earth does our society perceive it that way?

In a bizarre incident, which qualifies as every bit shameful, a man named Punit Malviya was seen punching and kicking a woman at a gym in Indore.


The incident happened in front of many people working out at the gym. It is said that the man lost his temper after the woman complained about his behaviour during the workout.


It happened all of a sudden and the girl fell to the ground upon receiving the blows.

The woman, a resident of Palace Colony in Indore and a school employee, had complained to the gym trainer about Malviya’s alleged attempts to molest her during her workouts.


Watch the video here.


The police is looking into the matter and a case of assault and molestation has been registered.


This is disgusting and the netizens are not condoning this sort of behaviour.


Most of them had the same question.


And, people were infuriated.

Such cases of violence against women make us collectively furious and it really needs to stop.