Politician Visits Woman, Jumps Off Her 2nd Floor Balcony To Escape When Man Enters Her Home


How far would you go to avoid meeting a person you don’t really like? Be it an ex-boyfriend or a former colleague, some of us are guilty of making excuses to get out of uncomfortable situations. And, while it’s okay to avoid certain people, it is definitely not wise to hurt yourself in the process.

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Speaking of which, a man recently fractured himself while trying to avoid meeting someone. A BJP functionary from Haryana fractured his foot after falling off the second floor of an apartment building, reports Hindustan Times.

Chanderprakash Kathuria, a former chairman of Sugarfed, was visiting a woman for some official work when another person came to the flat. Chanderprakash, who didn’t want to run into the man, tried jumping off the second-floor balcony with the help of a cloth,  reports Times of India. However, he lost his grip and fell down.

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He was taken to the hospital and is now under treatment. The police have filed a daily diary report and the case is under further investigation. After the incident came to light, he was suspended for six years from the primary membership of the party.

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