Man Solves 3 Rubik’s Cubes Just By Juggling Them, Twitter Asks, ‘What Is This Sorcery?’


How many times have you broken your head over solving the Rubik cube as a kid or an adult? I am pretty sure many times! All the while, there are people out there who can solve it a snap or sometimes just single-handedly. Honestly, in our defense, it can be quite baffling to solve this pretty little puzzle.

And now if you think, these are some talented people, hear this. A video shared on Twitter shows a man solving 3 Rubik’s cubes by just juggling them, reports Hindustan Times. Don’t believe us, have a look:


According to Indian Express, it is difficult enough for most people to solve a Rubik’s cube and at first glance, it seems the man is juggling the 3 cubes while the colored squares align themselves. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? While some are spell-bound like us, others are having serious doubts about this puzzling video:


Other’s also questioned themselves while watching this video:

Did you know Justin Bieber is very good at solving the Rubik’s cube? He can solve it in just under 2 minutes, which is pretty impressive. Are you ready to take the challenge too?

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