Cheating Husband Inserted Bike’s Handle Into Wife’s Vagina, Indore Doc Removes It 2 Years Later

Amid the increasing demand for strict laws for crimes against women, it’s ironic that we hardly see any drop in the number of assault cases against women. From a woman being burnt alive for reporting molestation against school headmaster to the abduction and rape of a woman by a Facebook friend, the condition of women safety in and around the country is pitiful.

One such horrendous case of assault against a woman at the hands of her own husband has come to light in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The 36-year-old tribal woman reached out for medical help after suffering through severe pain for the past two years. Doctors immediately performed surgery on her. They removed a six-inch long plastic handle of bike from her uterus after the operation, reports Hindustan Times.

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The woman’s husband, Rama, had inserted the bike’s handle into her private part during a feud over their kids. Ashamed of the incident the mother of six remained tight-lipped for two years. But had to visit a private hospital when the pain was unbearable.

Narrating the entire incident, Rahul Sharma, Chandan Nagar police station in-charge said, “The woman, a resident of Dhar district, who is a mother of six kids, was married to the accused about 15 years ago in Dhar district, 251 km west of Bhopal. Two years ago the couple fought over the kids. The man beat her up and inserted the bike handle piece in her private part in a fit of rage. The woman didn’t share her ordeal out of shame and worried over the future of the kids.”

“The victim’s husband, Prakash Bhil alias Rama (35) put the grip into her private parts two years ago after a quarrel over his relationships with other women. She did not disclose it to anyone till the pain became unbearable,” he added.

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The woman then filed a complaint against a woman and police have now held her husband. Doctors said that the plastic piece has damaged the woman’s uterus, small intestine, and urinary tract. They have, however, assured that her condition is now stable.

We hope that justice is soon served to the poor woman. Moreover, such demons in-disguise of humans should not be spared and strictly punished by the law.