Unable To Print Resume, Man Sends Handwritten CV & Receives Many Job Offers


With the advancement of humanity, we’ve always thought that getting jobs and living a simpler life will become easier. However, the situation is quite the opposite and that’s quite demoralising for some. That said, things took a very positive turn for Carlos Duarte, a work-seeking man from Argentina.

According to the Daily Mail, 21-YO Carlos Duarte was looking to apply for the post of a cafe worker. However, he had one problem. Duarte had no money to print a resume. He said,

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“I woke up and said, ‘I don’t have a resume but I am still going to try. But I was a bit shamed that I did not have a resume. I felt uncomfortable.”

Duarte had worked as a waiter, dishwasher, masonry and had some experience in sales. So, he compiled all that and wrote it down on paper. Yes that’s right.

While many would’ve been offended by Duarte’s resume, Eugenia Lopez accepted it gracefully and even posted a photo of it online. She said,

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“It caught my attention that he did not have [money] to print and the sheet was so neatly written on, with two pens. I never thought the post that I published was going to be shared so many times and that today Carlos has a job interview.”

Duarte had closed his resume by thanking Lopez for accepting his resume and even apologised for writing it instead of printing one. And this little bit of humility was lauded by many and job offers started tumbling in. Duarte said,

Image Courtesy: Facebook

“I gave Eugenia my resume and she posted it on social media. Now she is my angel.”

As of now, Lopez’s post has received over 9000 shares and more than 9000 likes. And Duarte’s life is probably going to change because of this post and the internet.


We do keep complaining that the internet is an ugly place and should be avoided at all costs. However, this shows that the cyberspace has the potential to be very positive. We hope Duarte gets a job that he’s satisfied with and we wish everyone has a friend like Lopez.

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