Company Transfers ₹1.4 Crore Instead Of ₹43,000 Salary To Employee, He Resigns & Vanishes

The month is almost over, which means, salary aaney wali hai! Now, think of this hypothetical situation.

You get a bank notification that your salary has been credited. But instead of the five digits, there are seven this time. You panic and check your bank statement only to discover that your eyes are not to be blamed. But how much ever we would want to keep the whopping sum of money, we decided to inform the company and return the excess payment.

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This is somewhat what really happened with a Chilean employee. According to The Economic Times, a man in Chile was accidentally paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (Rs1.43 crore approx.), 286 times his actual salary of 500,000 pesos (Rs43,000 approx.) by his company.

When the man noticed the dreamy error, he decided to return the excess amount for which he would have to visit his bank and generate a “voucher” in the name of Cial (the company).

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However, when the company didn’t receive any refunds, they contacted him but in vain. The man stopped taking their calls reasoning that he overslept.

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But days later, the man had a change of heart and he resigned from the company. He is also reportedly missing from the face of the Earth. Clearly, now he wants to keep the money for himself.

Left with no option, the company has taken legal actions against its ex-employee for misappropriation of funds.

Paise ka chakkar babu bhai!

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