Man Stays In Delhi 5-Star Hotel For 4 Months, Flees Without Paying Bill Of ₹23 Lakhs

Coming from a middle-class family, whenever I’m travelling and I cross a fancy five-star hotel, I always wish I could spend a few nights in one without having to pay a penny. The idea of chilling in a luxury suite and sleeping on a cloud-like soft bed is enticing. But then I look at my wallet and come back to reality.

However, one man named Mohammed Sharif did the unthinkable. He checked into a five-star hotel in Delhi named Leela Palace Hotel on August 1 and claimed to be a resident of UAE who works closely with Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

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According to NDTV, he presented a business card, a UAE resident card and several other documents that could vouch for his sincerity. During his time in the hotel, he became friendly with the staff and often shared stories of living in the UAE to create a more genuine impression.

He had claimed to the management of the hotel that he was here in India for business. He stayed in room number 427 of the hotel.

However, on November 20, he fled without making a noise. The total bill for his stay of nearly 4 months was Rs 35 lakhs. He paid Rs 11.5 lakhs and left the hotel, never to return. He also left a check for Rs 20 lakhs, which probably wasn’t of any use.

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The police are suggesting that all of Sharif’s documents were fake and are currently looking through CCTV footage to get a grip on the man. According to reports, Sharif also stole several valuable items from his room before leaving, like silver utensils and a pearl tray. He has been booked for theft and impersonation.

It might be January but this seems like the con of the year.

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