Man Fired For Not Being ‘Fun’ Enough At Work, Court Grants Him Permission To Be ‘Boring’

So, you know how a lot of people encourage fellow employees to hit bars and restaurants after work hours 1-2 days a week to “network” or get to know each other better? While many might participate in such informal work-related activities a few times a month, there are several others who would rather go home to their families and chill for the rest of the day.

But one man in Paris got fired for saying ‘no’ to after-work parties with employees. According to WION, the man used to work for a consultancy firm named Cubik Partners and he did not agree with his company’s idea of ‘fun’ – going out for drinks with colleagues once a week.

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In 2015, the man got fired for “professional inadequacy” as he wouldn’t go for these outings. He was “accused of being boring, a poor listener, and difficult to work with”. So, the man in question took things to court.

Thankfully, the French Court of Cassation ruled in the man’s favour and gave him the “right to be boring”. They further ordered the company to pay him 2,574 pounds (Rs 2.5 lakhs).

In the court’s official papers, the man was named as Mr T and the ruling said “not everyone can forcibly participate in seminars and end-of-week drinks frequently ending up in excessive alcohol intake, encouraged by associates who made very large quantities of alcohol available.”

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The court also added that the company’s idea of ‘fun’ violated Mr T’s right to dignity and private life. So basically, the man was fired for not being ‘fun’ enough and now he’s got the right to be ‘boring’ at work. WOW.

People online were so amused by reading this piece of news that they had the most hilarious reactions! Have a look:

Honestly, for a person who hates socializing, especially with work peeps, this sounds empowering! 😛

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