Chennai Man Finds A Blood Stained Bandage In His Food Ordered Through Swiggy

Stories of food delivery apps and their blunders no more bring us any surprise! From a food delivery man taking a bite from the customer’s food to people finding a dead cockroach in their order, the goof-ups made by the restaurants and food delivery apps are now very much popular.

To add to the list of the most bizarre things that can happen to your online ordered food, here’s a case coming up from Chennai. Balamurugan Deenadayalan placed his order for chicken schezwan chopsuey from Chop N Stix through the Swiggy app on Sunday. All the procedures went normal and the man received his order.

As he had eaten almost half of his noodles, Balamurugan noticed something very awkward in his food. He was taken aback to find a blood-stained bandage in the food.

The man claimed that he tried to reach out to the restaurant to place a complaint about his contaminated order. But the restaurant denied any help. He also took to the customer care support unit of Swiggy but got no response over the chat. He also couldn’t find an option to call them.

Balamurugan then took to Facebook to share his plight. He posted his ordeal to the timeline of Swiggy’s official Facebook page. He also shared the pictures of his food with the blood-stained bandage.

Found blood stained bandaid in Chicken Schezwan Chop suey ordered through Swiggy, disgusting! ūüėĘ Half eaten and then then…

Posted by Balamurugan Deenadayalan on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Swiggy was quick enough to apologise. They replied to his post to assure that they would carry out a stringent investigation on the restaurant. Assistant Manager of the restaurant also commented on the post stating that Balamurugan is provided with a refund.

The restaurant owner and Swiggy executives reached out to Balamurugan to ask for an apology. He later on updated the details in a comment on the same FB post.

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Swiggy has also issued a statement to ensure that special care is taken to maintain the hygiene and quality of the food they deliver.

In their official statement over the entire incident, Swiggy wrote:

“We understand that consumers trust Swiggy with their health and safety, and are committed to working with restaurants to ensure that only hygienic and quality food is delivered to them.

We deeply regret the issue faced by one of our users and apologise for the angst it has caused. This is certainly not the level of service we intend to promote.

While the restaurant has acknowledged a lapse at its end, based on the complaint, we have suspended this outlet pending further investigation by an external agency. Swiggy conducts stringent third-party hygiene audits across our restaurant partner network- regularly, and is invested in working with them to ensure a safe and delightful food experience for our consumers.”

As the cases of adulteration in food ordered online are on a rise, we wonder how these food delivery apps will restore its customers’ faith in them!

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